The School of Tennis Management

Advance Your Tennis Career Path      -      Proudly located in beautiful Denver, Colorado


Tennis Management requires a deep, comprehensive understanding of the industry. Our courses are designed to cover specifics exploring customer service, web, advertising, on-court philosophies, staff management, and more. Fast-track your way to the top of the field with a uniquely comprehensive 2-year tennis management program.

Main Curriculum Includes:

  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: The Core of the Club
  • STAFFING: Making it Happen
  • MARKETING: Connecting People & Programs
  • THE CLUBHOUSE: Retail & Facilities
  • CAREER PLANNING: Become a Tennis Director (2nd Year)

Our Management Program revolves around 5 main areas of study, plus a concentrated specialty course in the second year that helps with career planning and employment assistance.

The 5 areas of concentration are part of a "blended" learning experience, where the student's understanding of any one course is crucial to the understanding of any other course.  In this sense, the individual course curriculum has shared elements in learning.


The School of Tennis Management is a benefit to focused learning and responsive instructors with intimately small class sizes. This means there are plenty of one-on-one discussions with staff and fellow students. One of the best way to fast-track a successful career is to learn in an environment where you're never lost in the crowd. You can opt to learn in a sea of people, or instead know that we see you.

* Marketing
* Program Development
* Leadership
* The Clubhouse
* Staffing


Each student involved in our Tennis Management program will receive quality feedback and personalized attention, building a path to success that considers the needs and specific goals of the individual. We foster a unique flexibility in teaching and learning because no two minds are alike. The School of Tennis Management strives to not only offer close mentorship, but to also make sure it's a constant part of the process.